High-Rise Condo Renovations

High-Rise Condo Renovations

Choosing to remodel your high-rise condo is a hefty decision that requires a lot of time, reflection, and planning. The team of experts at R1 Construction are here to make that decision and planning process much easier for you. Since high-rise condo renovations prove to be quite difficult due to its environmental limitations, it’s highly important to select a remodeling and construction company that has ample experience in this specific segment of construction. At R1 Construction, our extensive knowledge of high-rise construction and remodeling makes us the perfect company to execute any remodeling job at the quality and time you request. As your #1 South Florida high-rise condo remodeling contractor, our team of experts will meet with you to discuss and review the plans and goals for your remodeling requests--providing you with a free, written estimate. With our team by your side, you can guarantee that you newly renovated condo will boast luxuriousness and style.

High Expectations

With our offered services of high-rise condominium remodeling and renovations, we have dealt with a plethora of High Rise/Condo Associations and management companies. Our years of experience has provided us with a full understanding of the process and procedure of condo renovation which we always educated our clients on. Before starting the project, we will work closely with your property manager/management company to ensure that the procedure we will be using are accurate and comply with regulations that are set in place. Once the project is approved by the specific High Rise/Condo Association and management companies, we take an important step by placing signage, notifying the neighbors about the ongoing remodeling project. Though it’s a small detail, it’s this type of courtesy that set us apart from our competitors. Since we are a one-stop construction company, we cover every aspect of a remodeling job--plumbing, electric, design, demolish, clean-up, etc.

From Concept to Complete

With every room, we incorporate the perfect design elements that fit your vision. Let R1 Construction help you attain the perfect, upscale lifestyle you are in search of.

Throughout the entire remodeling job, we ensure that everything complies with the building codes and OSHA safety standards, while the warranties meet or exceed state requirements. Additionally, we strive to use the best materials, methods, and technologies that will facilitate the best, and trendiest renovation results for all the high-rise condos we work with. During the renovation process, we believe in keeping open communication with our clients in order to ensure that all their requests are being met, any unforeseen problems are resolved in a quick fashion, and no ‘surprises’ present themselves at the end of the project. Transparency and communication with clients is the key to a successful remodeling job.

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Make the Most of Your Condo Remodel

At R1 Construction, we offer clients condo remodeling services which include an array of services including:

  • New carpets and floors to every room
  • Repainting the walls
  • Replacing your front door, sliding glass doors
  • Window replacement
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Bedroom remodeling
  • Kitchen renovations

Call today and speak with one of the expert contractors of R1 Construction about your next high-rise condo remodeling job.

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